The Accreditation Educational Services (AES) exists to promote quality assurance of business and business-related programs and recognize excellence in business education.


The Accreditation Educational Services

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Dr. John L. Green, Jr. President of AES/ ABT

The Accreditation Educational Services (AES) and the Association for Business and Technology (ABT) are sister organizations. The AES is a specialized programmatic accrediting body for business programs in community colleges, and offers quality assurance certification along with programmatic accreditation.

The ABT functions as a "Forum" for faculty and administrators to meet and discuss current and future events involving academic business programs (e.g., business management, computer science accounting, and other types of related associate degree programs). Both organizations were established exclusively for community colleges to deal with matters pertaining to their sector of higher education.

Dr. John L. Green, Jr.
President of AES/ ABT